Pancakes and Broken Glass

Dutch Word of the Day
pannenkoeken: pancakes
Pannenkoek avond was een succes. Pancake night was a success.

It was a ton of fun. There was a ton of toppings for the pancakes (including cracktella, whipped cream and fruit) and bad pop music abound. Then we went to Dansen bij Jansen, a student dance club near the Jordaan. The DJ has a great sense of timing, but bad taste in music. It was a really manic set. And there was barely and ventilation and a ton of cigarette smoke because this isn’t New York. There was a lot of broken glass. I’ve never been out at bars or clubs in the states, but there was so much broken glass here I couldn’t believe it. Every couple of minutes, someone would drop a glass.

Other than that it was fun. It’s hard to find good places in Amsterdam cause it’s so small. When something gets good, it gets too popular. Or costs 10-15 euro to get in.

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