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Nothing to do With Amsterdam II: Macy Gray

Dude looks like a lady looks like a dude. She’s never looked great, but WOW. This takes looking rough to a new level.

I tried to be nice, but I choked…


Dutch Word of the Day
kijken: to look

Ik keek te Eurobocht en overloofde.

I have looked at Eurotrash and survived.

The Dutch usually dress pretty well. Not horribly fussy, but very neatly. But everyone once in a while, I’ll see too huge retro-Reebooks paired with too huge glasses and a PLO scarf. Pick one! No, not two out of three. Just one.

However a lot of the time I feel like it’s not the Dutch people I’m looking at, but the tourists. This is the downside of living in the tourist heavy center if you’ve never lived in any other part of Amsterdam. You can’t tell who’s who until they open their mouth.

I didn’t blame the Dutch for the bulk of the Eurotrash fashion until I looked at this display in the window of P&C, a large department store by Dam Square. It’s a kiddie mannequin, which makes it even worse/better. I don’t know if you can make out the chain from his pocket or her leggings & boots combination. All trended out with nowhere to go. If you want your kid to look like a professional hot mess by the age of 12, this is the place to shop.


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