Amsterdam Got Too Typical Today:

  • Teacher absent from class
  • Class hosted by guest speakers with smug sense of superiority over the US
  • Caught in a 10 minute ice storm
  • Got ice on my frites (met mayonaisse) during this storm
  • Stalked by a drug addict mumbling in Dutch for three blocks*
  • Hid in Albert Heijn to avoid the drug addict cause I didn’t want him to know where I go to school

Damn. Damn. Damn. I’ll probably get hit by a bike and a tram on the way home. Then fall into a gracht.

*Yeah, the drug addict thing was actually quite scary. The funny part is as he kept following me from across the street I was listening to “Natural Anthem” by The Postal Service on my iPod. For those of you who’ve heard this song, you know that it has this strange, gradual build in tempo and becomes quicker and more frantic. On the one hand, it made me more panicky, but on the other hand it was rather cinematic. But I was out in broad daylight with tons of people around. And it’s impossible to successfully stalk someone in Albert Heijn. Think I’ll take the tram on my way back home, though.

1 Response to “BYAH.”

  1. 1 Martin March 25, 2007 at 01:53

    I will come over there and kick his ass.

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