In like a lion, out like a kicking screaming son of a bitch

Dutch Word of the Day
weten: to know
Ik weet het niet.
I don’t know.

You’d think March in Amsterdam would be hell, yes? It was nice for the first half, but for the past two days it decided to get special, so I suppose that adds to the March-like capriciousness.

It hasn’t been raining/snowing as much as showering painful, chunks of ice like shards of glass without warning. I tried to go to the filmmuseum by Vondelpark today. It was sunny until I got to the Anne Frank house (not that far from me at all) and this ominous cloud appeared and nature’s shards of glass were in my face. It was terrifying. People were running for shelter. At one point today I went into the Rijksmuseum just for warmth. Good thing I got in free with my museum pass.

In other news: Pancakes and Booze and Bad Pop Music on the Prinsegracht next Thursday. I’m planning a whole array of dessert pancakes. Think Powdered Sugar, Jam, Syrup, and Cracktella (!!!) I’m very excited for this.

For those of you in Amherst, fear not. I will bring this party back to the States.

1 Response to “In like a lion, out like a kicking screaming son of a bitch”

  1. 1 Black Princess Stephy March 24, 2007 at 05:19

    oooh. booze.

    ooooh. pancakes.

    ooooooooh. bad pop music.

    YES!! Amherst awaits you.

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