Y’all really wanna know about some lekker shit?

Dutch Word of the Day
liever: prefer
Ik heb liever Ferrero.
I prefer Ferrero.

And everything Ferrero has ever touched. These are the same guys who made Nutella. (Yeah, there was a Nutella entry not long ago. I’m not addicted. I can stop whenever I want.)

What I didn’t know at the time was that they made a candy bar, Kinder Bueno, and it’s smaller version, Kinder Maxi. It’s so addictive. If you like Nutella, you’ll hook Bueno to your veins. I haven’t seen this anywhere else, but I plan on hunting them down back in the states. Maybe they’ll be in Zabars or something. They’re only 0.35 for maxi and 0.68 for beuno here. They’ll probably be muy caro at home.

I don’t think I’ll ever eat Hershey’s again.

PS I know there have been a lot of food entries lately. I’m not trying to pull some Nigella Lawson crap, I’ve just been eating a lot. Deal with it.

The Management

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