Cooking Adventure: Shrimp "Linguini"

Dutch Word of the Day
kunnen: can, able to
Ik kun koken!
I can cook!

Well, I can try. I attempted shrimp linguini today and it turned out rather well. I had to make two irriating substitutions, though. Albert Heijn, much to my dismay, does not carry linguini so I had to use Tagliatelle all’Uovo. The jumbo shrimp I wanted were rather expensive, so I settled for a half pound of mini shrimp. It didn’t come out perfectly, but better than I expected. I think the roombutter (cream butter) they sell here is a bit too heavy. I was using it in conjuction with olive oil and parmesian, so it got crazy. If I can find some garlic bread somewhere that would be amazing.

Coming Soon: Pancake from Scratch Adventure!

1 Response to “Cooking Adventure: Shrimp "Linguini"”

  1. 1 mb March 12, 2007 at 02:36

    You HAVE to send this one to Mom and Dad. They will love it.

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