Dutch Word of the Day
Mmm… lekker haring!
Mmm…good herring!

Lekker is, perhaps, the most abused word in the Dutch language. It’s everywhere. Billboards, on food labels, in ads…basically anything to do with food will have some claim to being “lekker.” Weather (like today’s) can also be called lekker, so can good smells and sounds. It deals with every sense but sight.

Don’t call people lekker. That’s just nasty.

But you know what is lekker? Nutella. It’s SUPER CHEAP here. Jars of it cost about $5-6 at home and I can get it here for less than two euros. I’ve practically been inhaling it out of the jar. Maybe this has subconsciously replaced Crackbucks for me… Uh oh.


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