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Special Guest Star Edition

Dutch Word of the Day
schoen: shoe
Dit schoen es mijn, wijfje!

This show is mine, betch!

Well, this shoe isn’t mine, but it was on the street near Dam Square, so I got to take a touristy picture near it cause Ashley’s visting me. The wooden shoes (usually lined with some kind of cloth) were worn by farmers because Amsterdam gets very rainy and muddy. It’s the most practical thing they would wear. Hideous as hell, though. I love when they sell delft porcelain versions of it.

We saw the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, Prik bar, and the Anne Frank Huis. The Anne Frank Huis is very well done. Extremely sad and moving. They don’t offer student discounts, but it’s more than worth the 7.50 euros. They use the right combination of video/media information, and real life objects. The steps are unbelieveable narrow and steep on the way in, so don’t even try it if you’re on crutches. Despite the moving nature of the exhibit, people will still try to cut you in line as if there are free concert tickets waiting at the end.

Living down the street from the Anne Frank Huis has really made me despise the tourists here. A lot of them stand on the sidewalk staring into space without giving a damn about other people (often holding groceries) trying to walk around them, so they force you to walk in the bike path, nearly getting killed. I don’t blame the Anne Frank Huis people for that, they did their best with such a narrow street. The tourist are just dumb. I know it’s a very special once in a lifetime experiece to see the house were Anne Frank lived, but that doesn’t mean that every else has ceased to exist.

At times like that, I wish I knew how to pickpocket. Not for the money, just to teach them a lesson.

However, you can numb the pain of slow moving foreigners with a glass of red wine in class. There was a reception after a talk at ISHSS and they served wine and cheese. I had class after the reception so a bunch of us just showed up with wine. The EU’s a special place.

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