The More You Know: Instant Soup Edition

Dutch Word of the Day
niet: not (catch all negator of sentences)
Ze hebben niet Ramen in Amsterdam.
They don’t have Ramen in Amsterdam.

They do, however, have a couple if knockoffs. Chief amongst the knockoffs are “Good Noodles”, “Saimin” and “Super Noodle.” I’ve tested all three so far. They also have Cup-a-Soup, but I knew I’d be too tempted to make “Soup in a Cup”/”Dick in a Box” jokes, so I stuck to the three pictured above. Here’s the reviews:

Saimin, Shrimp Flavored: This is a Japanese company. I found it at Albert Heijn (where I got the other two as well). The fact that this was there but not Ramen made me sad, but I tried it anyway. All around, not bad. The shrimp flavoring came through a little too strong, but it was pretty good.

Super Noodles, Oriental Kip Flavored: This is actually put out by Campbell’s. Despite the fact that they use the words “Oriental Kip” when they really mean Thai Chicken, this is pretty good. It’s somewhat more spicy than Ramen, and you get a substantial opaque broth.

Good Noodles, Kip Flavored: Good Noodles? Not so much. Yeah, fuck these. Absolutely weak flavor, and they just taste a bit weird and plasticky. There the most common one, too. There’s a smallish Albert Heijn near me and this seems to be all they have, so I just walk three blocks to other, larger Heijn for more variety.

Next week at your parents house: Some soup in a cup…

2 Responses to “The More You Know: Instant Soup Edition”

  1. 1 Martin February 23, 2007 at 03:36

    Backstage at the CMAs, some soup in a cuuuuuuuup
    Weeeell well yeaaah yeaah yeeeeeah

  2. 2 Kya September 18, 2009 at 02:53

    I really miss Super Noodles from the NL. Even though we have Campbell’s in Canada, you can’t find them here.

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