Lucy, I’m home.

Dutch Word of the Day
reus: vermoeid
Ik ben vermoeid.
I am tired.

The past two days have been ridiculously packed with orientation stuff, and I haven’t quite recovered from jetlag. My building doesn’t have wireless, so I finally got an ethernet cable today. This’ll be the most expensive week, because I need to get a bunch of essentials to make the rest of the stay cheap (i.e. a toaster, a teapot, groceries) It’s been a lot of running around, but on the other hand, my room has a microwave, fridge and electric stove. It’s pretty nice.

1 Response to “Lucy, I’m home.”

  1. 1 mb February 3, 2007 at 16:55

    Am I wrong in thinking this is actually a pretty major improvement? What’s your view like?

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